• Tayron Jackson

    Despite being a basic operating equipment, it is very good, efficient for quick and hassle-free prints.
    I do not recommend it for those who want to have multifunctional equipment, but if for printing large-scale documents, because it has high performance and consumables last a lot.

  • Melissa Smith

    Do these machines have the same warranty conditions as multifunctional printers?

  • Nestor Morales

    This printer can be configured to be used wirelessly or should It necessarily be wired?

  • Maite Ramos

    This printer performs an excellent job.
    It Is widely used for printing jobs to bank and black in the office, it works pretty fast and consumables are accessible and long-lasting, so I recommend it.
    It Doesn’t scan, but for printing it’s excellent.

  • Andrew

    Aside the fact that this printer doesn’t scan, which is a big low for me, I just love everything else about it. I’ve used it for years and even when I got a multipurpose printer, I still kept this one around to use once in a while. It’s so original and very efficient but so limited too. But I enjoyed it well during its glorious days!

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