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Can your HP DeskJet 1010 scan?

With a plethora of printer choices in the market, most major companies that sell printers are shifting their focus to build multi-functional units for better flexibility in productivity as the printer market shifts and progresses. In the recent years, multi-purpose printers’ prices have dropped significantly, and the demand is gradually increasing. But some manufacturers like HP that continues to offer a barebones unit to a specific, shrinking but still essential part of the market. Like the HP Deskjet 1010 -- an entry level, no frills printer that performs solidly.

You wonder why such printers still exist and being manufactured up to this day. There are plenty of users around who still use their old basic standalone printer. And the HP Deskjet 1010 is no different.

It’s affordable. Budget-wise it’s an ideal printer for starters. Conscious-minded customers fit this printer into one of their criteria for practicality or probably their topmost, if not the only, reason before committing.

Customers who bought it don’t need to scan. It’s obvious those who bought this printer have no intention of scanning any of their old photos or any cutouts from a newspaper or magazine stored somewhere in their file cabinets.

It can serve as a backup printer. For home or office setting with multiple printers and time is of the essence, it can critically serve them in case of an urgent printing task. This is true when all other printers are being used at the moment. Which brings us to the next point…

If there’s something wrong with your main or other printer(s) your printing job will not be affected. Chances are, if you only have one multifunction printer you can’t print if there’s something wrong with the scanner area. You’re left with a defective printer even if there’s nothing wrong with the printer itself. A trip to the repair shop, it’s a hassle you can’t afford and you wish you want no part of it. This is where the standalone printer like the Deskjet 1010 comes in handy.

Replacement cartridges are readily available in most computer shops. Those who bought theirs did their homework and found out that their local printer suppliers have a lot of replacement ink cartridges in stock and it’s virtually available everywhere. Ask any printer supplies dealer / retailer or any computer shop and they will readily offer and provide you a replacement cartridge. And the price is quite reasonable too.

But when choosing this printer, you should know its limitations.  Similar to a monochrome dot matrix or an entry level laser printer, standalone printers do not have other essential features like scanning, wireless printing, fax, or copy. These features are reserved for the pricier multifunction unit. And these tasks are necessary if you’re in an office or any corporate environment so you should consider these factors.

In a nutshell, if you foresee your tasks in the office do not involve scanning of documents (which is highly unlikely in a corporate setting) then HP DeskJet 1010 is the practical printer of choice. Unless you need to do more in your line of work.


  • Despite being a basic operating equipment, it is very good, efficient for quick and hassle-free prints.
    I do not recommend it for those who want to have multifunctional equipment, but if for printing large-scale documents, because it has high performance and consumables last a lot.

    Tayron Jackson
  • Hello!
    Do these machines have the same warranty conditions as multifunctional printers?

    Melissa Smith
  • This printer can be configured to be used wirelessly or should It necessarily be wired?

    Nestor Morales
  • This printer performs an excellent job.
    It Is widely used for printing jobs to bank and black in the office, it works pretty fast and consumables are accessible and long-lasting, so I recommend it.
    It Doesn’t scan, but for printing it’s excellent.

    Maite Ramos
  • Aside the fact that this printer doesn’t scan, which is a big low for me, I just love everything else about it. I’ve used it for years and even when I got a multipurpose printer, I still kept this one around to use once in a while. It’s so original and very efficient but so limited too. But I enjoyed it well during its glorious days!


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