• Terence Fitzpatrick

    Alas, not enough. Now, the HP8720 printer control is stuck in “Warming up.” (BTW, the scanner works fine from the HP Smart utility in Windows.)

  • Tayron Jackson

    I regret not having read this article before, I had a sad experience with a jam that resulted in the loss of a long time, but thanks for sharing these tips, it will not happen again.

  • V. and C. Shave

    We are pensioners and cannot afford top HP cartridges so we buy our cartridges at
    Walmart as we do a lot of printing. For months we have had no problem but tonight
    error, error, error, (message: the following ink cartridge must be replaced) and it
    won’t allow me to print. I have tried everything ……..please help. Thank you.

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