• hasan

    eorr B22 problim

  • John

    Thank you for the guidance..

  • David

    Thank you for the guidance..

  • Tylor

    Thank you for the guidance..

  • Mari

    This step by step solution is great, it is always great to find articles with simple and easy steps to follow. I had this problem with my previos printer and didn’t know how to fix it, maybe now that i know i should take it out and see. I have heard that if there is any paper stuck, you shount grab it and push it out by the force, since it may damage the rollers, is that so?.
    Thank you for such an specific guide, i think it is very important to clarify steps like unpluging the power, since a few devices have broken due to this, and also waiting for the device to cool down. How often does this happend for this printers? is it something that comes from years of use? i had mine for years till i replace it few months ago.
    Hope this is as much helpfull for others as it was for me, thank you and have a great day!

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