• Shannon Meyer

    My paper feeder does not seem to be working. It takes the paper in at a slanted angle not straight then it jams before its even started printing. I do check that it’s properly aligned and straight and have tried all the fixes suggested above

  • Delany A. Lobetaña

    My printer Epson l210 pull out more paper when printing, what should I do for this problem?

  • carolinew

    Thanks for posting the information with us. Paper jammed such frustrating problems in the printer. Epson printer an inkjet printer will be giving you a clear copy of document if it’s not. Then you should repair your Epson by an expert technician. I would recommend Datasyst Technology Services for printer repairing in the USA to everyone. They have an experts for printer repairing. Want to contact Datasyst, visit at “”

  • Omid

    Cyan ink in My printer start to weak after some inch printing. Nuzzle check is ok ond all test prints are perfect but cyan ink has some shift like spraying and finaly at the end of paper cyan have a no color.

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