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Does your Epson L210 Have This Weird Problem?

Paper jam but there’s no paper jam. Your paper gets tilted while printing. Weird characters printed. These are just some of the unusual printer problems you could experience when constantly printing.

A few days ago my printer flashed the W-02 error code. This means ‘paper jam’ for Epson printer users. Now the trouble isn’t really the error code, but the fact that there’s no paper jam?! I haven’t even started printing yet. These printer errors that you can’t even find the fix in the manual. So what can you do?

Paper jam error but no paper jam/ recurring paper jam

You can probably hear a grinding sound when the printer runs. Which mean either of these 2 culprits – a dirty printhead rail or paper rollers are worn out.

Try this:

  1. Remove all cartridges.  Reinstall them one at a time and move them at the far left of the container.
  2. Or, remove all cartridges and clean the printer head rail for any dried ink or toner. Just use a lint-free cloth and clean water.
  3. Change the pickup rollers or clean them with lint-free cloth and clean water.
  4. Switch to USB cable or switch your computer. (I don’t know how it works, but this works for me.)

Tilting prints:

Nope, it’s not the printer. I load my printers just fine and well-aligned. But why do I sometimes get this slanting or tilted prints?


  1. Check if the paper guide is aligned well and fits the paper.
  2. Pull out the paper tray completely and reinstall.
  3. Fan the paper to make sure none are sticking together or wrinkled.
  4.  Try to switch connectivity. It could print perfectly well on wireless or cabled connection

Printing weird/ wrong characters:

No, it’s not alien language. Your computer or printer driver may just not be updated or something is wrong with the print queue.

  1. Cancel the print job and resend.
  2. Switch to cable or wireless connection.

If your printer is flashing errors without real problems, your first solution would be to run and check if your printer driver is updated. Installing the latest printer driver could just be the simplest solution. If none of these works, well not only did I fail to fix my own printer but means I need to buy a new one.

If you got any other fixes or have similar problems, post it on the comment box below. We’ll be happy to help!


  • My printer Epson l210 pull out more paper when printing, what should I do for this problem?

    Delany A. Lobetaña
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  • Cyan ink in My printer start to weak after some inch printing. Nuzzle check is ok ond all test prints are perfect but cyan ink has some shift like spraying and finaly at the end of paper cyan have a no color.


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