• Terry Hamiter

    Have a hp envy 5660 straight out the box
    I keep getting paper carriage jam. I have looked for hours for anything that could that cause won’t go away. Tried to see if I could if get it the printer to go to default and start over. I’m thinking the ink cartridges are bad. It takes “62” cartridges. I’m not sure how expensive they are but straight out box,what a fix if it doesn’t work almost scared to put any money in it.I guess it’s worthless.

  • Jackson Batson

    I have an HP Officejet Pro 9019 All In One. The replace button is not centering the cartridge to replace out of ink cartridge. HP is sending a replacement printer, but this is only one of many issues I have had. It is frequently offline with both Windows 10 Enterprise and my mobile devices.

  • LT

    I cannot find a solution anywhere and go has no real person to speak with. I put a new black cartridge that was mailed to me and got a message that ink is not installed right but I cannot open the lid it is stuck and I get confused cuz on videos the light is on the computer part while they are just easily opening chamber but then it says not to open while on??
    Is there a way to unstuck the lid when computer is off? Some release button? Nobody seems to have had this problem?

  • Barry

    Sorry, this did not clear the stalled printer cartridge warning.

  • Adele

    My printer could not print since yesterday because of the ink cartridge jam. Thanks for sharing these fixes.

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