• Jasmine Hewitt

    i’ve had about every problem imaginable with a printer at one time or another

  • F'enton

    I’ll always find myself lined up in a queue since I work with the office printer but most times that skips my mind and I end up going over to the printer to check around for a fault. But I’m getting used to that though. Lol

  • Alice Brely

    Lovely suggestions. A lot of them never crossed my mind whenever I had printer issue. Good thing I saw this cause I’m sure no more printer issues anytime soon since I already know solutions to possible problems.

  • Travor

    Having the ink or paper tray empty is a common thing and most of us overlook that. Now I always ensure that I refill immediately once I notice either of them are going down.

  • Sneha

    I just brought a printer and started spamming print command but it did not print any thing than i hovered over this web page and realized than I had not put paper in the printer and how would It work without it. Just wasted my 50 minutes LOL.

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