• DCAZ

    This is what worked for me. I did the ‘Clean Flush’ on the printer. Shut the printer off. When turning it back on, hold down the power and the Left Arrow hook button at the same time. It will then ask if you want to flush out the printer heads. It takes about 9 minutes and that worked for me.

  • Robert Hooper

    Tried all fixes but none worked. WF3640 had few missing sections on printhead check. Repeated nozzle cleans just made it worse until no print at all.Got replacement print head on line and installed;- then got no print and message on screen :- “Error Code : Ox97” Enquiries to fix by Epson approved companies := Pay $50 for quote and make decision yes/no? Perhaps best to buy new printer. I don’t need fax. Looking at Epson Eco Tank? Or try my luck with another brand? Comments appreciated?

  • CJ

    Followed every troubleshooting method and called epson about 0×97 on my WF-7610. They basically laughed and said buy a new printer. I even mentioned others got theirs replaced out of warranty as comments on this thread said, but nope. They don’t care.

  • Melvin

    Option 3 worked for me. Laid a damp cloth in the center track for two hours while dipping cotton swabs in hot water to clean the print heads. Dried it out for 4 hours before reconnecting cables and powering up. Nozzle check would generate the Error 0×97 before cleaning. After cleaning Nozzle Check and Printhead Cleaning functions work. Thanks for posting this fix!!

  • C Hillhouse

    Holding the power button down for 60 seconds while plugging cables back in, then continuing to hold for 60 seconds WORKED!! Thanks!!

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