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How I Fixed My Epson WF-3640 Error Code 0x97

Every first month of the year, I audit my office machines and other supplies in my home office. What needs to be fixed, upgraded, calibrated or replaced are all checked and listed down. Now here’s where the trouble all began, after going through my usual work ‘tools’, I upgraded my antivirus software about a week ago. Everything seems fine at first and working well until my printer (Epson WF-3640) started flashing errors whenever I’m printing something.  Message was: error 0x97.

I’m wondering if it’s due to the antivirus update. To add another problem, my printer was out of warranty a few days ago. Updating the firmware did not improve the situation. Whenever I print, my printer prints 1 page then stops and flashes error 0x97 again. It ejects the paper without prints then flash the error code again. It was so frustrating!  Without my warranty, I’m looking at around $200 problem or could be more. After going through the internet and forums, I did fixed it alright but not until I went through a few more troubles. Here’s a few tricks I learned to fix the issue.

Best Solution:

If your printer is still covered with warranty, call their customer support to run through the error with you.  Call: (02) 441 9030 then ask them to guide you with some fixes. Why call than run the fixes yourself? Because when the customer support fails to fix the trouble, you can actually opt to ask for a replacement. Error 0x97 is a hardware issue and you could say your printer is basically dead. They do send replacement printers so make the most out of your warranty. It’s legit.


  1. Disconnect and reconnect the printer.

To do this fix, you must cancel all the print jobs first and remove any paper jams. It’s actually pretty simple and for other it worked. After getting rid of papers, unplug all cables from the printer and everything connected to it. Everything attached to it – USB, cable wires, power cords and ink cartridges. Press the power button to release any remaining power on the printer. Hold it for 60 seconds. Then, reconnect and reinstall everything. Turn on the printer and run a test print to see some improvements.

Did this work? – NO. I did print however 2 pages and the error returned. So on to fix 2.

  1. On and Off Printer

This is basically almost the same with fix no.1. You need to unplug the cables and plugs. Let the printer rest for 5 minutes. Then, press the power button for 60 seconds. Press and hold the power button while plugging back all the cables. You might need someone’s help on this one. Hold the power button for another 60 seconds then release. Run a test print and see any changes.

Did it work? Yes! For some reason this fix did the trick. But I’m going to throw in some proven solutions as well from other resources. This could help.

  1. Clean printer head

In some cases, this error could be caused by clogged printhead. So the solution is to clean it. Turn off the printer and access ink cartridge compartment. Release and remove ink cartridges.

Cleaning materials:

Clean lint-free cloth

Clean water

Damp the cloth and place it on the center track (where the printer head moves). Leave the cloth there for a few hours. It will absorb all the dried ink. Remove the cloth and dry the printhead. Reinstall cartridges and run a print.

I also read somewhere that the error may be caused by a malware. So install or update your malware protection to be sure.

I hope these fixes help! Thanks for the read.


  • Just can’t understand what the problem is … mine has hardly been used.

    Tracie Sanim
  • I’ve had this computer for as long as I’ve been in business. It’s always suited me and worked just fine. Now it wants to crap out on me and I don’t know what else to do to fix it. I called customer service and they said they can send a new out one. So I’m waiting on that but I’m also willing to just buy it if I can get this one to work again. Been tinkering with it coz if it’s truly broke, ain’t much else I can do to damage it. Shame to have to let it go if I can’t do anything about it but that’s the thing with technology – it’s always changing.

    Rusty McGuinnes
  • Does anyone know if there’s other ways to try and fix this? This is my dad’s printer and it started messing up on me when I was using it to print a paper I’ve been working on. I’m trying to fix this without him knowing about it. Plus, I like to fix things. It’s just, I’ve tried all that and I haven’t had much luck. I bet my only option now is to call customer support but I don’t want to. I wanna figure this out but I don’t know what else to do. Are there any other options out there? Maybe on the software side or is this just a hardware issue? Thanks for any help!

  • Dang I thought this just happened to me. I was Googling the error 0×97 and came across this page. For me, it happened after a storm hit and shut off all my electrical stuff. After restarting my computer, my comp started giving me trouble booting up. It basically crashed so I had to re-install everything anyway. Right after that I got the dreaded error code and I went ahead and did the whole unplugging and replugging everything, then updated all the software and such. After about 30 mins of getting everything updated I turned it all off, waited, then back on. Worked for a couple print jobs then started up again. I called support but I’ve had this printer for too long already so they couldn’t do anything about it. Got me a new one instead.

    Bryan Gilmore
  • Yeah I was thinking the same thing about whether or not this error was due to an antivirus update causing an issue. Must be some crazy glitch, coz I was so surprised when my printed just for no reason, decided to stop working and just kept flashing that error at me. At first I thought it was due to a paper jam because I was mid-print at the time and everything got stuck. Took a while, I was getting torn pieces of paper all over the place… it was a mess. Like you, mine was out of warranty too and I followed what you did but for some reason it just wasn’t working for me. I wound up getting a new printer after doing some research. I felt it was time for an upgrade anyway. Good luck to anyone who gets this error, it’s a crazy one that’s for sure.


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