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How I Forced My Printer To Print in Low Ink

When you’re a few pages away from being done and your printer hints of low ink level. How timely is that? If you’re like me who experienced this frustrating situation, here’s a simple trick that I’ve learned to force my Epson printer to print on low ink. It’s actually for HP Deskjet 2130

, but it still did work for me when I tried it so I think it’s worth sharing.

This tip actually works on most inkjet printers regardless of the brand and model.

Here’s a simple reminder though, this is only a temporary solution. When the printer flashes empty or low ink levels, you are supposed to replace the cartridges. But since I have no time to order or go out to buy a replacement, this quick and simple solution will do to bypass the printer system to finish the current print job.

Let’s start!

All you need is a piece of tape. Any tape. Duct tape, scotch tape, or electrical tape; as long as it fits the ink cartridge later. Then, a scissor of course. Yes, you only need these two to trick that little printer.

  1. What you need to do is remove the ink cartridge/s.
  2. Look for the clear part of the cartridge. (Usually found near the nozzle. It’s where the printer reads the print count)
  3. Once you located the transparent side of the cartridge, cut a strip of tape. Then cover the mentioned part of the ink cartridge.
  4. That’s it! Insert the ink cartridge and run your printer to print the remaining pages.

It sounds easy as pie. But it is that easy! Remember that this is just a temporary fix. Replace the toner cartridge as soon as possible to prevent your printer from possible damages.

If you have some printer problems, comment your questions and I’ll try to write possible fixes for it!

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