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How to Fix HP Printer in Error State

HP Printers is one of the most popular printer brands on the market today but it also has its flaws. One is the HP Printer in Error State issue that pops up on the screen when using your HP printer.

Before fixing the issue we must first identify what it is or what is the cause. Usually this error is caused by your system permission settings, buggy drivers and system conflicts. Most people that use Windows 10 operating system after doing a system update or a Windows update.

Sometimes this error message can also occur when cables are not properly connected, network errors and incompatible or corrupted printer drivers. You may try some of these solutions to immediately fix this issue.

Check Cables and Physical Connections

Huge errors sometimes can be resolved by the simplest solution. Whenever you have a problem with the printer make sure you check first if all the cables are connected properly to and from the printer. The power cable for the socket, USB cable to connect the printer and computer and the network cable if the printer has networking capabilities.

You can also restart the printer and the computer. Turn them off completely by shutting them down properly, unplug from the power source and leave for a few minutes and try again if the problem is gone.

Ensure that the Printer is Online

If the printer is detected as offline by your PC this is likely the reason why you get the error, try the following steps to get the printer back online.

  • Open Control Panel by searching on the Start Menu
  • Select Devices and Printers
  • Check if your printer is listed and its status, if it is online it will say Ready.
  • If it does not appear Ready, right click its icon and select Use Printer Online. This will make the status of the printer to Ready and resolve the error.
  • You might as well set the printer the default printer for the PC. Right click on your printer’s icon and select Set as Default Printer.

Is there Paper Loaded?

Another simple solution for this error is making sure there’s paper on the paper feed. If the error occurs when there’s no paper you should power off the printer. Load paper on the tray and turn it back on, wait for the printer to be in idle state and try again.


Reinstall the Printer Drivers

If the error still appears you might want to reinstall your printer drivers.This error is also caused by corrupted drivers or it has incompatibility issues. Here’s how you reinstall printer drivers.

  • Open Control Panel and go to Devices and Printers
  • Right click on your printer icon and select Remove Device.
  • Wait for the removal to finish and restart your computer.
  • Once logged back to your computer, go to the HP website and download the driver for your printer. Make sure it is compatible with the operating system that you are using and it is the latest version released.
  • Install the printer driver, just follow the instructions that will come up upon installation.
  • Restart the computer and try if that resolves the issue.

Print Spooler Service Must be Running

Another solution is to make sure that your printer’s spooler service of the computer is running. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Open the Run window by pressing Windows Key + R and type in services.msc
  • Search for the Print Spooler service on the right.
  • Right click on it select Properties
  • Under the General tab, set Startup type to Automatic, click Apply then OK. Close all windows and restart the computer and see if it fixed the error.

Do a Windows Update

Last thing to resolve the problem is to do a Windows Update. The error is also caused by system issues, there might be an issue to the previous update and conflicts with the printer driver, thus doing a Windows update can resolve this issue.

  1. Open Start Menu and click on Settings
  2. Select Update & Security then click Check for Updates
  3. If there’s an update, download it and let it finish.
  4. Install the update and restart the PC and check if this solves the issue.

We hope that this helps you resolve this error. In case you are having difficulty doing these fixes you can contact HP official helpdesk from their official website.

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