• Marc Landry

    Works. Thanks!

  • Pitcrew

    Resetting the Toner Cartridges on a HL-3170CDW DOES WORK.. I have done it many times. Sometimes it’s a little hard to get to the reset menu, you have to press and hold the buttons at the exact same time, but it does work. I use this when Print Quality isn’t a big issue usually. I print alot of pictures where Quality Matters but if you shake the cartridge every 3 or 4 pages, you can get almost double the prints you normally would. But you Have to shake the toner cartridge or the print quality goes down Fast. If you have time, do it.. It saves a bunch of money and if you don’t have another cartridge on hand, you can keep printing.

  • Sue

    I tried this on my HL-3170CDW Printer, but pressing and holding Secure and X Cancel during the “Cover is Open, Close the Top Cover” message did not produce the Reset Menu. It was not asleep and I canceled the last print job, and opened & closed the lid 4 times. Any ideas why this is not working? Is there another way to get to the Reset Menu?

  • Elisa

    I push both buttons At the same time and i can’t get the reset menu to show up

  • D K

    Doesn’t work

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