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How to Send Online Fax

Receiving your faxes by email or computer is very much possible nowadays. There features on multifunction printers that provides several “send-to” options, as well as PC and mobile apps that archives digital faxes. Online fax services or e-fax are more convenient than the traditional faxing. You can virtually fax from anywhere to anywhere in the states or countries – that of course depends on your faxing service. But anyhow, it is possible. Later I’ll be teaching you on how to send an efax (you can skip reading this and go straight to the guide).

Faxing is still is a thing to this day because it’s the fastest way to send a signature or any other signed documents. It’s convenient that way. Use of online fax however does not diminish the needs for use of the traditional fax machine. Not only does it have its own charm – (in physically and manually requiring you to fax) but in my opinion, still safer and more secure. Do I use online fax? Yes.

If you’re not familiar with efax, let me give you some ideas on what you can do with these online fax service. Yes, it is a service. Just like an email, you are still required to subscribe and have your own local fax number to be able to send and receive. Some service features you can send/receive aside from the fax number are cover page, limited or unlimited number of faxes per day, international faxes and online storage.  You can also send fax in different file formats. Prices range from free to $20 – or from what I know of.

One of the most obvious advantages of an efax is being able to send a fax without the need for fax machine. You send it straight to another efax number or straight to a multifunction printer or stand-alone fax machine. What’s best about it, there are online fax services you can subscribe for free!

Here are some free efax services you can try online for free:

  • MyFax
  • PamFax
  • FaxZero
  • eFax
  • FaxBetter

Now these are free online fax services so there are couple of features that are not available or limited. Subscription however is not that expensive with some like eFax have annual fee of less than $20. That’s not a bad deal. If you’re an occasional sender or just sends faxes on a small scale, free service will suffice. Below are the steps on how to send an online fax.

  1. Sign in to your online fax service.
  2. Tap/click ‘send faxes’.
  3. Add recipient (s) name, country/state and fax number. (You can also import your recipient (s) names and fax number from Gmail, Yahoo Mail or in a CSV file format)
  4. Attach the file you want to send. Choose the quality and format of your file.
  5. Tap/click ‘send fax’ button.

That’s it. Easy peasy. You won’t need five minutes to send an efax from now on.

Bonus information:


Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint can be sent as fax. Yes, you read it correctly. If you haven’t heard of this feature, then you know now. Click on FILE button and select SHARE from the dropdown menu. Select EMAIL and from there, you can choose to send it as a PDF, XPS or a

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