• Steve Feustel

    Not worth it. I was sent new cartridges after 2 years because my printer wouldn’t print. Over two hours of diagnosis with a “pro” did not solve the problem. Frustrated, bought a new printer. Decided to use the “new” cartridges since I paid for them. HP shut them off so they were unusable.. No fair. I sent them back to HP and they never acknowledged anything. Poor setup in my mind.

  • Mari

    WOW! this is GREAT information, so is definetly not worth it for a business, but i dont think is worth it for any context either, for example a home, which most likely wont use the entire limit per month, but then you wont be able to acumulate all of them, but you still will be paying, not a great deal for me.
    Indeed it could look like a very small ammount compare to all the expenses in the house, but if is not the best deal, but maybe with time you could see a difference.
    My brother had a very old model which you just needed to buy the replacement ink and set it by yourself, that should be just fine.
    Thank you for the information, it was interesting, relevant and makes you be carefull of what you use and buy, love it! This is the kind of information you don’t get clear or very specified when you purchase a printer, am i right?, so once you have it, what options do you have?. It leaves to reflection.

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