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Is Your Printer Printing Blank Pages?

When your printer is printing blank pages, you can’t help but wonder how it happened; thinking that your ink you replaced not so long ago should still have some left in the tank. As printers also require maintenance, the causes aren’t that serious as you may think. Fixing this kind of problem though doesn’t mean being too carefree in handling.


Toner or ink is probably empty – check the supply levels

This is the most common cause why your printer isn’t printing anything especially for monochrome printers. You may have overlooked (or ignored) your printer management program’s low-ink/toner warning for quite some time already. Obviously, you need to replace the cartridge. When installing a cartridge, make sure it fits snugly and locked to its corresponding color compartment. Otherwise the printer will return a no cartridge installed or similar error.


Drum may need replacement too

If you’re using a laser printer you may not be printing blank pages yet, but the black spots or hazy print output (draft looking text even if printing in standard mode) is an indicator your drum’s service life is about to end even if your toner is relatively new.


Printhead are clogged

For inkjet users, you can clean the printhead using the automated printhead cleaning cycle via your printer’s control panel or accessing Printer properties from the Control Panel. This process forces the printer to emit extra ink out to attempt to soften and remove the clog from the printhead. You can choose its deep cleaning function in case there’s no improvement after simple cleaning.

If the automated printhead cleaning methods don’t work, you can manually clean the printhead. Take note that there are two types of printheads: integrated from the cartridge and detachable. Be careful not to expose and clean the sponge part of the cartridge if the printhead is detachable. To avoid the ink in contact with your skin, wear protective gloves.

  1. Remove the clogged printhead out from the printer.
  2. Mix a solution that consists of 50% isopropyl alcohol (of 70% or higher grade) and another 50% water into a small plate, enough to barely soak the printhead.
  3. Soak the printhead into the solution for a few minutes.
  4. Gently wipe the printhead dry with a non-abrasive cloth. A microfiber or chamois type will do.
  5. When the printhead is dry, return it to its cartridge body (for detachable type) and put it back to the printer.
  6. If your printer is still printing blank pages, repeat step 3 and leave it soaked for a few hours or overnight.

Perform a nozzle check to verify the printhead is clean before printing anything.

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  • Just want to ask, what if my printer prints some pages and skips others (returned as blank pages from the printer). What may be the problem


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