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Making Stickers At Home

Stickers are fun to make, and I honestly like printing stickers to decorate my phone and other stuffs. It makes things more personalized and it’s also a great gift and giveaway to kids. Trust me, they’ll love it. If you have an inkjet printer or a photo printer, better. Here’s how to make them.

What you need:

Yep! That’s all you need.

  1. Choose your design or image.

It is best to get an image with a higher resolution. The higher the resolution, the finer and more vibrant the sticker is. As for me, I pick those images with at least 500x500 resolution, but higher is better. Just hover your mouse over the image to see its resolution (if you’re taking your images on the internet.)

I love floral designs so I’m choosing mine. I’m going to use it to cover some of my boxes. Save it on your computer and let’s start.

  1. Edit and Adjust image.

It is best to adjust and edit the images. Open the saved image on your favorite photo app and edit. You can change the number and size of the image according to your preference. If you’re printing for a label or small stickers, you can fill out the entire page by simply copy pasting the image.

Right click the image and click print. It is best to print preview before finally printing.  Some images does not fit the paper size so it might be cut out especially those that are of large sizes. When done, load the sticker paper in your printer and hit that print button.

Easy as pie! You now have your own stickers. I do like to do this sometimes. Making stickers at home is much cheaper than buying them. There are different types of sticker paper that can give you the results you want (I prefer matte and neon. Yes, neon!)

If you’re having troubles with your printer, you can check my other blog for troubleshooting. Have you tried printing your own stickers? Any tips you can share? Comment down below!

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