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Epson Printer Says Out of Paper but It Isn't

Have ever had trouble with your Epson printer’s paper feed? No it’s not a paper jam but another constant error that’s probably very common to encounter. Everytime I attempt to print, my paper feed won’t pick up paper and flashes “out of paper. Please load paper” error. Epson printer says out of paper but it isn't. Nope, my paper supply is sufficient to give me a few dozen prints. So, what’s with error? Is it because of the paper type that I used? I don’t think so. I normally use legal size office paper and my drivers are up-to-date. This likely falls into hardware malfunction. I hope an Epson printer troubleshooting tips are as helpful as before.

So, what are we supposed to do when Epson printer says out of paper but it isn't? Again, I scoured and asked some people I know who encountered this type of error and compiled tested and proven solutions. Ready?

  • Use the correct paper for the printer

I did mine correctly. Since a legal-size printer paper is very acceptable. However, there are other media that your Epson printer might have difficulty feeding. For instance, a cardstock, envelope or photo paper are considered special media. If your printer isn’t made for these kinds of paper, might as well not use it.

What difference does it make on your printer or its output prints? A LOT. The length, thickness, opaqueness and the material of your media paper significantly affects the printouts especially in terms of ink distribution. The thicker the media, the more ink it absorbs. The more opaque the paper, the more probability the prints would go through the other side of the paper.

When you use the wrong or unacceptable type of paper, your printer will not be able to pick it up and read it as ‘out of paper’ – hence, the error. If you’re using the right paper, align the edges and reload them into the paper tray. 

  • Unplug and reconnect printer

One of the most common Epson printer troubleshooting tricks you always read is unplugging and reconnecting your power cord. It works most of time. Why? I seriously don’t know. Maybe it’s a system glitch or insufficient power problem? To do this, simply unplug your printer for 30-60 seconds while still power on, then replug. That’s about it.

  • Check printer alignment

It is possible that your ink cartridges are not aligned properly that why it gives the error warning. Move the carriage to the far left. It is also possible that the paper is not aligned well or exceeds the maximum paper capacity. Either way, just check your printer’s alignment. But do so after turning off your printer and unplugging it. You've been warned.

  • Check for foreign objects or debris

Any blockage in the printer causes not only ‘out of paper’ error but can also lead to paper jams and further interior damage of your printer. Best to check out if there are any objects in the rollers. There was once a case that a pencil was found in the printer. That printer owner was almost about to spend hundreds of dollars for repair.

  • Replace/clean paper rollers and sensors

Clean your printer sensors. It’s located near the front cover of ink cartridges. It’s locked by a black lever. The sensor controls the feeding and pulling out of paper. Make sure that the paper rollers are also clean to avoid any print problems. If they’re worn out, time to replace the rollers before they overheat and cause interior printer damages.

(I'll make an instruction for the paper roller replacement OR you can just search it online how). 

There you have it. Another Epson printer troubleshooting guide for people like us who doesn't know what's suddenly wrong with our printers. Comment down below if you have other printing issues or if these tips are not effective.


  • The tech replaced the paper feed roller/spring assembly with one from a floor model. Worked fine for 2 months. Now same problem again

  • My relatively new printer keeps saying out of paper when it’s not. Exactly the same with the photo’s also. It’s frustrating when all you want is a printer that prints, I wish I never bought this EPSON EP500 at a cost of $300.

  • My XP 6000 Epson sucks! I had an Epson before, and have no idea why I bought another one. It continually has problems, as my other one did. Now it has the out of paper message, when it is not out. It makes a really loud grinding sound, and continually tells me about an update need that has already been updated. In addition to these mechanical problems, the front of the printers design is terrible. One part needs to be up, and one part needs to be pulled out, etc. etc. This probably isn’t the place to post this, but I just wanted to get the information out there.

    Jan Starr
  • I fixed the issue by pushing the little stick with a wheel on it down into the tray with my finger. Seems like that stick popped up out of position and the position is supposed to be down.

  • I’m getting the “out of paper in cassette 1” error when there is paper there? I’ve unplugged and reset… NOTHING!!! Please help, was printing fine at first, now this.

    Arneice Rice

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