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Printer Does Not Print Black Color. How to Fix It?

You want to print a document, the printer works but the output is lacking some black ink causing little to no print at all. This is caused mainly because you ran out of black ink or the printhead of the black ink cartridge has clogged.

Here are some tips below to fix this certain issue:

  1. Hard restart the printer. Sometimes a simple restart may be able to solve this issue. To do a hard restart, turn off the printer, unplug from the power source and disconnect the USB from the computer. Wait for a couple of minutes and then reconnect all together and turn the printer on.

  1. Checking the ink levels. Of course, the printer won’t print black if you run out of ink. Be sure to check your ink levels and check if you still have black ink left. If you ran out, then it’s time to buy a new black ink cartridge or you can just refill it using refill kits available in the market. Some printer software will warn you if a certain ink is low, make sure to immediately change or refill the cartridge immediately to avoid this kind of issue.

  1. Check the Printhead. When you check the ink levels as mentioned above but you see there’s still ink in the cartridge then the printhead must be clogged. You can do a Printhead Cleaning using the printer’s software. You can also clean the printhead by using a Windex solution, this is really effective for cleaning dirt or dried ink off the printhead.

  1. Check the ink cartridge. Make sure that your ink cartridge is in place and properly installed in the printer. If using a new cartridge check if you removed the protective seal before using.

  1. Align the Printer. If you happen to remove the ink cartridge from the printer, you must also do a Print Alignment. This is to ensure the cartridge is properly aligned and properly installed to the printer and to see if the black ink has no issues. Print Alignment function can be found on your printer’s software mostly under Tools or Maintenance.

  1. Reinstall printer driver.  Sometimes the root of the problem is software related. Maybe the software driver encountered some bugs or is not completely compatible with the OS you’re using. You can reinstall your printer driver, check if there’s an updated version of the driver and make sure it is compatible with the OS of the machine the printer is connected to.

If all else fails, you can try to service your printer to a certified technician especially if it’s still under warranty but regardless if the repair cost is not that far from the price of a new printer, might as well go with buying a new printer. There’s also a possibility that you got a defective unit and is totally unavoidable.

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