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Retrieving a Wireless Network Password With Hp Print and Scan Doctor

The current information technology age is in a haste towards public approval. Processing of documents on network is commonly practiced by most organizations using printers, scanners, photocopying machines, fax machines and other devices.  Since these machines are popularly used nowadays, HP Print and Scan Doctor tools are made available to solve various printing errors, scanning problems, connectivity errors and other related printing and scanning issues. Cool, right? Technology made available plus information made accessible.  

However, such accessibility can then be easily done by just anybody.  I personally did not think that the risks that await it can be very serious.  Data that are readily available in the internet are predisposed to various danger.  Unauthorized access to another person’s or company’s data may result to document losses, snooping and even theft which may lead to crime and fraud. Some companies have predicaments on leakage of confidential information. This is precisely why security to our data and information is very vital.  This also addresses the concern of a company’s policy in upholding the confidentiality of information – unless used for a legitimate purpose.

This is how HP Print and Scan Doctor security come in handy.  This security can be applied to a network setup.  It is an ideal utility to help prevent data breach.  Some of us do not know that security solutions like these do exist.  There are also others who are aware but does little to ensure protection. Having discussed all the points, we now need to create a password to entitle the user access to the devices.   Now one solution is led to another problem, which is the probability of losing or forgetting your password. I am going to list down below the things you need to do in case you encounter this kind of difficulty.

These are the following suggested actions on how to retrieve a wireless network password for HP print and scan doctor:

  1. Connect your computer to the wireless network from where you want to retrieve the password.
  2. Navigate to the print and scan doctor file.  This can be downloaded from the Note that the filename is saved as HPPSdr.exe
  3. Double-click to open the file.  Click OK, CONTINUE or YES to run the file once prompted
  4. The program then extracts and opens thereafter
  5. If it is your first time to run HP print and scan doctor, you will be prompted to accept or decline to the terms.  Select ACCEPT.
  6. Click NETWORK from the menu bar and then click SHOW ADVANCED INFO. Click SHOW WIRELESS INFO when the Advanced info screen is displayed.
  7. On the lower section of the same screen, you will find the wireless settings section where the wireless network the computer is connected to is listed under SSID.  Meanwhile, the network key or password is found under NETWORK KEY, next to the network name.
  8. After obtaining the wireless network key or password, connect an HP printer, scanner or other device to the network.

There you have it!  Some cool techniques to get you through in recovering your password in a jiffy.  Refer to HP support team in this link for other concerns.

Additional information:

Security attacks can be both external and internal.  Companies design various different ways to secure data like watermark, anti-copying mark, cryptography and strategic placement of printers and scanners in the office.  So it is best to plan what effective solutions your particular company will take to ensure data protection from threats that are coming from the internal factors.

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  • A bit worried about how this works. Is there any security measure put in place to ensure that the individual who is trying to retrieve the password is the authorized person or the real owner of the password?

    Lilian Jones

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