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Send Fax Using a Printer

Fax is simply transmitting or sending scanned printed material through a phone line. Nowadays, fax is still used because of its compliance, security and convenience and it’s not a pain to learn how to send a fax and you might use this feature in the future.

First of all not all printers have a Fax function, make sure the printer has this feature to do this. Most multifunction printers have this capability, you can tell when there is a Fax button on it and it has an RJ-11 socket for the printer to connect thru the phone line.

Send Fax Directly thru the Printer:

  1. First check if all necessary connections have been made, especially the telephone line and to a computer.

  2. Some printer brands have printer software for Fax, you can set up that first before you can start sending a fax.

  3. Insert the document that you want to send to the printer document feeder or the load tray.

  4. Enter the fax number of your recipient. If your recipient’s fax number is the same as their home or office line number, you might as well call ahead to let them know you’re sending a fax.

  5. Press Send or Fax. Wait for it to go through and your printer will notify if the sending is successful.

Send Fax Directly thru the Computer or Printer Driver:

  1. Like sending through the printer, make sure all lines are connected to the printer and the computer.

  2. On your computer, open the document that you want to send thru fax.

  3. Open the print window of the software that you are using, usually it’s Ctrl + P.

  4. Select the Printer or Destination a
  5. s Fax.

  6. Provide the fax number of the recipient and press send,the printer will now do its work and tells you if it is successful.

Receiving Fax with the Printer

Now you know how to send a fax, it also is necessary to learn how to receive them.

  1. Make sure all necessary cables are connected to the printer and the printer should be turned on. If the printer is turned off you might not receive the fax, so if you are expecting a fax leave the printer turned on.

  2. When the printer receives the fax, it will automatically print the document. Don’t worry if you left the printer out of paper, the printer saves the received fax into its built-in memory and just prints it out manually.

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