• Prince

    Bought my Canon TS5040 printer a couple of years back. Ever since, I have been using the USB cable to connect. After reading this article, I decided to try out Wifi Direct (I knew my printer supported this functionality but somehow never bothered to try it out). The connection process was a bit difficult but I finally managed to dobit. Having tried Wifi Direct, I think from now on thats the connection method I am going to be using.

  • Mandy Robinson

    I actually use bluetooth all the time. It works really easy for me.

  • Jasmine Hewitt

    very informative. I just learned a lot too!

  • Ruggeri

    When I bought my first wireless printer from HP, I was nervous if it would be easy to install. My main purchase decision was to run a printer without USB. Accordingly, my excitement was huge as to if it would work at all. First of all, it’s incredibly important to download and install the driver from the CD or from the company’s website. Although Windows (I don’t know Apple) already has a huge database of printer drivers, it is still much easier to install using the CD or the downloaded driver.

    What I had recently was a problem with my printer not being able to connect to the router. The solution to my problem was to disable MAC filtering. MAC filtering ensures that so-called “MAC addresses” of network devices are specified, which allow access to the WLAN network. Usually (not for me :)) the MAC filtering is not active and therefore the printer is accepted without problems. If the filtering is active, it can either be deactivated or the MAC address of the printer is entered into the system. This can be found on the device itself and only needs to be entered for MAC filtering. A practical feature of MAC filtering is that it prevents unauthorized use of the printer.

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