2019 Back to School Sale

Chill and treat yourself for a job well done. Purchase any Smar Print Supplies toner / cartridge / drum and you’ll get a Starbucks Gift Card. Recharge your senses after a good day’s work.

Promo is valid from August 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019. Free shipping on all orders.


Promo Mechanics

  1. You can only receive a Starbucks Gift Card after your first single transaction purchase from SPS within the promo period.
  2. A Starbucks Gift Card’s value will correlate from your total transaction value from your SPS purchase within the promo period regardless of how many items purchased. Below is Starbucks Gift Card values table:

Single Transaction (single or multiple items)

Starbucks Gift Card Value

$ 100 - $ 200

$ 10

$ 201 - $ 400

$ 25

$ 401 or above

$ 50

  1. Your Starbucks Gift Card will be sent to your registered email address seven (7) working days after shipping.
  2. You can only receive a Starbucks Gift Card once within the promo period. Your succeeding purchases will no longer entitle you to receive another Starbucks Gift Card.
  3. No coupon codes needed to qualify for the promo.