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About us:

Smart Print Supplies (SPS) is a manufacturer and distributor of toner and ink cartridge replacements with multiple locations throughout the US. We supply premium quality toner and ink cartridges that are compatible with a wide range of ink and toner printers for home, small business and commercial printing usage. If it prints, we have a cartridge for it! Smart Print Supplies sells premium compatible and remanufactured ink and toner cartridge in the US and Canada with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. We sell 1000's of cartridges monthly and are looking to increase our sales anywhere we can! We look forward to working with our affiliates in any way we can to reach your goals as well as ours. There is a HUGE demand for our products and we are excited to work with our affiliates to create a long term profitable relationship for all. If you have a need for a special promotion, please let us know and we will do our best to create a tailored program for any affiliates that can generate consistent sales with our products. All of our affiliates will start with the following competitive terms: Commission - 8% for every sales referral Cookie Days - 60 days Join the Smart Club and earn commission from your referrals. Promote our text links, banners, and coupons today!

Smart Print Supplies Affiliate Program

Terms and Conditions:

Membership. The SPS Affiliate Program is open to all affiliates registered with the Shareasale Network that are of good standing. Following application and review, SPS would either approve or decline your application based on a standardized set of qualifying parameters. Processing of orders. The processing and shipping of orders generated through the SPS Affiliate Program shall be solely handled by SPS. Processing of commissions. The Shareasale network platform electronically carries out the processing and crediting of commissions due to Affiliates. The manner and schedule of release for such commissions and incentives shall be in accordance with the guidelines set forth by Shareasale. Guidelines to use of creatives. All affiliates can access our uploaded creatives through the Affiliate manager. Please use the HTML code provided for the text link, banners, and coupons so that hits and referrals generated from your sites can be properly monitored and credited to you. SPS reserves the right to (a) Reject any sales referral that is obtained through means that are not in line with guidelines and policies set forth by the Shareasale network and the Merchant, SPS. (b) Revise stipulated terms to this agreement at any time following due notice to the affiliate.